Being injured in a car accident can leave you with a lot of questions, including whether your case will go to trial. The idea of going to court can seem scary to some, as the outcome is not guaranteed. Hiring an experienced trial attorney is your best bet at getting the compensation you deserve.

In car accident cases, there are two ways that you may receive compensation: a settlement or a victory at trial.


A settlement is when the injured victim (the plaintiff) and an insurance company (representing the defendant) agree to a set amount of compensation that the insurance company is willing to pay for injuries that the car accident victim sustained. Settlement ensures that the injured victim walks away with actual compensation. In reality, however, settlement is not always an option. Sometimes, the insurance company will refuse to pay an injured party proper compensation or anything at all. When the two parties cannot agree on a settlement amount, your case will need to go to court.


Just because your case goes to court, does not necessarily mean that it will end in trial. Settlement may happen after a lawsuit is started. If settlement does not occur, you should have an experienced trial attorney advocating on your behalf. The most critical part of going to court is presenting the evidence of your case to a judge or jury. Evidence that may be presented in court includes medical records, police records, photos of the accidents, witness testimonies and expert testimonies.

The defendant will also present evidence in court to prove their own side. Presenting your case is an intricate process and requires looking at evidence with the utmost detail and explaining how the evidence proves the car accident directly caused your injuries.


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