This week’s top news headlines focused news of life-threatening and fatal injuries resulting from crashes involving motorcycles and bicyclists. Drivers have been taken into custody and under investigation for vehicular homicide and vehicular battery. Victims have been hospitalized or have passed away due to their injuries.

In situations like these, victims may be warranted in bringing claims for full and fair compensation under South Dakota law. The at-fault driver’s conduct may qualify as felonious and warrant punitive damages, allowing a full and fair verdict and judgement against those responsible for the victims’ injuries and damages.

South Dakota law requires motor vehicle drivers to carry liability insurance to pay for damages in the event of disasters like we are seeking this week. For victims of these horrific accidents, it is important to act quickly and secure the right team to make sure evidence is preserved so the responsible parties cannot destroy or alter evidence.

The lawyers at Olivier Miles Holtz have investigated numerous wrongful death accidents involving negligent drivers in similar incidents. We only work with industry-leading safety engineers and experts to get answer that people need in wake of a tragedy.

At Olivier Miles Holtz, we actively advocate for safer highways and strict enforcement of the law to make sure drivers are not injured or killed in these disasters. Contact us immediately if you have questions or need a lawyer to help you find justice.