Moving goods across the country is still done mostly by commercial transshipping. Semi-trucks, also known as tractor-trailer trucks or 18-wheelers are the kings of the road. When you are behind a truck you should always make your presence known, taking caution to not drive too closely to the rear or cut off the truck when changing lanes. You should also pay attention to what other drivers are doing so that you can respond in an instant.

Truck drives also have responsibilities. In order to operate a truck, drivers much go through extensive training and are subject to strict rules and regulations for the driving schedules. Failure to follow their training and the guidelines puts other drivers at risk.

If you have been injured as a result of a trucking accident, you have legal options, which your attorney can help explain to you.


The first thing you should do if you have been in an accident is contact an attorney. You may not need to file a lawsuit right away, but if the trucking company is willing to admit they were in the wrong, the matter can sometimes be wrapped up quickly. However, if any offer is made to you before you have consulted with a lawyer, make sure you know your rights before you accept as many times the offer is less that you are entitled to.

If no offer is made, then you will need to file a lawsuit. Before filing your claim, you should have a well-researched legal strategy, or at least the beginnings of one, in place. The attorneys at Olivier Miles Holtz, LLP can help you develop the strategy that is best for your case.

During your initial case review, your attorney will ask you about the events that led up to the accident and everything that happened as a result. These facts will help form the basis of your case.


A combination of driver errors and company lapses can increase the changes of an accident, putting you directly at risk. Driver fatigue, distracted driving, under inflated tires, mechanical failure, improperly loaded cargo, and blocked windows can be prevented with the right diligence, vigilance and care on the part of the driver and the company they work for.


Few automobile drivers walk away from an accident uninjured. In severe accidents, the victims will spend weeks or months in the hospital and may not be able to return to work for long periods of time. Rehabilitation and medical treatment are expensive, and you and your family should not have to bear the strain of this financial burden alone. The company that caused your injuries should shoulder some of the responsibility.


Your lawyer will go beyond the reports and will engage professionals to examine the crash thoroughly. Your lawyer will interview witnesses and investigate the fitness of the driver operating the truck. Your lawyer will also bring in an accident reconstructionist to develop a simulation of how the accident happened based upon evidence at the scene. Your lawyer will also get statements from experts to help explain the nature and extent of your injuries and how they are only from the accident.

The attorneys at Olivier Miles Holtz have multiple years of experience representing injured individuals in trucking accident cases. We serve clients throughout South Dakota. If you have been injured in a collision, make sure to get seasoned counsel in your corner who will help fight for your rights.

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